Do you have a life? Please think about this question, do you really have your life? I’ve heard statements like “get a life” on many occasions said to people who appear to be different and unconventional especially in matters of socializing. Many also think the whole concept of life and living is about fun, leisure, and enjoyment. When an individual is having a great time, you hear remarks like he’s enjoying life, when an individual is conservative and somewhat antisocial we conclude he doesn’t have a life.

What is life? I believe life is a season or a duration when an individual is conscious, aware and involved in matters of this world. It is a period when an individual is expected to fulfil a purpose, serve a purpose, make something great happen, impact the world and influence things positively. I believe we all exist and are in this world to improve things and make better the condition of this earth. We are all here to make the world a better place; to create value, not destroy value, to make people happier, mankind better and humanity more purposeful. We are here to improve the world.

This, though being a collective purpose and objective for all mankind, as individuals our place, roles and assignments vary. That’s why we are created and gifted differently. Our gifts and talents are indicators of our place, our projects and assignments in this world.The ability to recognise your place, your gift, your sphere and your assignment makes you truly relevant in life. The ability to act on who you’re created to be, what you’re created for, perform your duties, achieve your aim and do your assignment well makes you successful in life. Having a life is knowing why you exist and doing that for which you exist effectively.

Sadly, many do not know anything about their own lives, they are too busy focusing on the world and life in general, they are so unconscious of their own personal lives. They are too busy studying, watching and getting entertained by other people’s lives they are wasting theirs. They are too busy emulating other people’s lives they are doing nothing with theirs, they are busy trying to catch up with other people’s achievements they lack personal achievements of their own.What they do is what they see others do, what they believe is what they think others believe, the way they speak, dress, their values and belief systems is an adaptation from the life of people they admire, respect or envy, they have no minds of their own, they have no lives of their own.
So I ask the question again, do you have your own life? Answering the question correctly is not from the top of your head. A valuable life comes about by a deliberate act to design one. You ought to be the architect of your life. You should sit down, pick up a pen and paper and design a life for yourself. An undefined life is a life out of control. A life not designed can’t lead anywhere, a life undefined cannot profit its owner or anyone for that matter.
When your life is not defined, you feel so out of control, you’re most of the time confused about what to do and what not to do and you’re most of the time seeking for counsel and advice because you lack that sense of purpose and direction.

When you’re not clear on what your life is about you can’t be happy, you will be afraid and insecure, you’d lack self-esteem and will be desperately seeking after the approval of others.The people around you, your friends, colleagues, relatives and the media will keep making decisions for you and leading you on, in this your journey through life.

You will not feel free or independent, you will lack peace and be subjugated in life. You would always want to know what is reigning, what is trending, what are people doing now? How are they speaking now? How are they dressing now? Where are they going now? And you will be-devilled by the ‘I don’t want to be left out’ syndrome. Always chasing, always wanting to catch up with other people’s lives.
What is your own life about my dear friend? What are your personal dreams, vision, and assignment? What are you here to do? What do you need? Who do you need? Where do you need to be? Where do you have to go?

Who is really in charge of your life today? Are you so afraid to live and of living you’ve given up your life for others to use for their advantage? Who controls you directly or indirectly? Who is your master? Who masters your life? Who makes your decisions? Who is planning your life for you? Who tells you what to do and what not to do? Do you have a mind of your own, a life you do control?

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